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3D-Fitting Room is the virtual equivalent of the actual changing rooms used in the retail shops. It can be controlled using an intuitive hand-gesture which lets the customers try on their clothes virtually, thus reducing frustration and time spent waiting for an available fitting room and changing clothes physically.


  • Calibration of the customer’s width and height
  • Fitting the clothes virtually and browsing them via hand gesture
  • Taking snapshots of the customer with the clothes fit and sharing them to social media
  • Uploading the list of clothes into the program’s database
Ja-Square has made sure that this solution is also beneficial to the retail shops as it enables them to:

  • Increase conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • Provide a unique experience for the customers
  • Increase the revenue, thus reducing the rate of returns
  • A new way of marketing as the fitting pictures taken via snapshots are shared to the social media